A typical Berber house turned into a small family run hotel: this is Maison Hassan, your home in the desert. Located in the small village of Hassi Labied (5 km from Merzouga) in front of the majestic dunes of the Erg Chebbi Desert, it is the perfect place to relax, disconnect and enjoy the peaceful and charming atmospheres of the desert.

Maison Hassan is a dream come true for the Ouabou family. The first room was built fourteen years ago and then little by little other rooms were added until the construction was completely renovated and enlarged in 2020/2019.

The Ouabou family who own the place are ex-nomads, like most of the people in the village, who settled here after a series of droughts which rendered nomadic life too tough. They were among the first to settle in the village. Part of the Ouabou family live next door and manage the place: Brahim with his wife and daughters and his parents Rkia and Hassan. Another part of the family live in Italy and they come to the desert whenever they can: Said, his Italian wife Simona and their son Mattia. All will welcome you with their exquisite Berber hospitality and warmth, help you appreciate the slow rhythms of life in the desert and cook for you sharing the secrets of the best Moroccan cooking.

Experience the best of Berber hospitality!